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Kenya PMTCT National Training Curriculum

February 2005
Division of Reproductive Health, Kenyan Ministry of Health, National AIDS & STD Control Programme (NASCOP)
WHO/HHS-CDC PMTCT Generic Training Package
Pocket Guide and Wall Charts


Participant Manual Trainer Manual Slides
Introduction PDF, 324K PDF, 343K PDF, 58K
Module 1: Introduction to HIV/AIDS PDF, 234K PDF, 268K
PDF, 291K
Module 2: Interventions to Prevent MTCT PDF, 342K PDF, 401K
PDF, 146K
Module 3: Counselling, Testing, Social Issues & Safety and Supportive Care in the Work Setting PDF, 921K PDF, 1MB
PDF, 968K
Module 4: Infant Feeding PDF, 362K PDF, 614K
PDF, 169K
Module 5: PMTCT-Plus PDF, 843K PDF, 1MB
PDF, 186K
Module 6: Programme Implementation PDF, 347K PDF, 449K
PDF, 2.2MB
Presentation Booklet PDF, 17MB NA NA
Skill-Building Exercises PDF, 147K PDF, 70K
FAQs PDF, 58K PDF, 67K
Resources PDF, 92K PDF, 90K
Glossary PDF, 84K PDF, 90K
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Pocket Guide and Wall Charts

Pocket Guide PDF, 941K
Wall Charts PDF, 1MB
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